Both positions are responsible to:      Falcon Spartak Gymnastics Club Management Committee

Anyone interested in either position should contact:  kay.salter@btopenworld.com or 07967 346060.




  •      To be responsible for the club’s finances.
  •      To keep up to date records of all financial transactions and deal effectively and efficiently with      all invoices and bills.
  •      To attend gymnastics sessions when quarterly fees are paid.
  •      To issue receipts and record all monies received.
  •      To attend committee meetings and present the budget report.
  •      To agree with the committee the annual budget and to monitor that budget throughout the year.
  •      To prepare the end of year accounts to present to the auditors.
  •      To present the audited accounts to the members at the Annual General Meeting.
  •      To ensure the club remains solvent.
  •      To oversee all club fund raising and sponsorship activities, keeping up to date records of groups/organisations providing sponsorship and acknowledging receipt where appropriate.
  •      To assist, where appropriate, in all club activities.




  • To deal promptly with all correspondence on behalf of the club.
  • To take minutes of all management committee meetings.
  • To prepare agendas in partnership with the Chairperson.
  • To maintain records of meetings correspondence.
  • To ensure all members are informed of events and decisions as necessary.
  • To co-ordinate all preparations for the AGM, including the circulation of notices, minutes and agendas for all to all club members.
  • To collect and record annual subscriptions and fees for passing to the tresurer.
  • To act as the principle adminstrative officer for the club.