In 1981 numbers had dwindled and there was talk of closing the club down. However Martin Davis announced he would be retiring from competitive gymnastics after the next World Championships and he was persuaded to return to the club to see if he could get it back on its feet. It wasn't long before once again there was a good team of young gymnasts training.

In 1985 Martin announced that he would be leaving the club to go and teach gymnastics in the United Stated. Club Chairman, Alan Davis approached Kay Cook who was coaching at SASSARC to see if she would be interested in running the club, she agreed and took over. The strength of the boys team increased over a period of a few years with club representation in the London NDP teams at Primary 3, Primary 2, Primary 1, Intermediate 3, Intermediate 2 and Intermediate 1 grades.

Over a period of 10 years the whole concept of gymnastics has changed and more emphasis placed on general gymnastics 'those who want to train for fun' and more training programmes have been made available for these young people. Within the umbrella of 'general gymnastics' came pre-school and special needs, an area where those with a learning or physical disability could also take part. This area was a whole new arena in which it soon became apparent that gymnastics had a very important role to play. Youngsters with learning or physical disabilities should not be denied the opportunity of taking part and a very extensive programme was devised taking into consideration the vast range of disabilities.

When it was set up Falcon Spartak was a club for coaching men’s gymnastics, with the advent of ‘special needs’ this opened the door to girls as well as the club couldn’t only offer gymnastics to boys with special needs it also had to think about girls. At a time when the funding situation changed dramatically and led to many small clubs closing it was decided that a girls class should be opened that would be an 'introduction to gymnastics' class for girls, so not changing the aims of the club. The girls class was a great success and really saved the club from closing as it was of course an additional source of income to help pay our way.