The 1990's saw a series of incredible things happen with the special needs gymnasts, a team entered the National Championships and returned home with so many medals it was truly unbelievable. This situation continued with more and more medals being won and the clubs special gymnasts being regarded as one of the best groups in the British Isles. What wonderful times, the achievements for the club were great but of even greater importance were the achievements of the gymnasts, each one with special needs. Alexandra Reeve and Kim Hardy were the two gymnasts that set everything moving and were both regarded as unbeatable at one point, these two were soon followed by Hannah Gibson, Mandy Pullen, Hannah Westerman, Martin Giles, David Rossouw, Adam Baker, Adam Conie who all went on to achieve unbelievable success.

In 1998 three of the girls won places in the Disabilities National Artistic Squad, they were also in the National Disabilities Display Team along with 9 other gymnasts. Together with eleven other gymnasts they all formed members of the Great Britian team to attend the 11th World Gymnaestrada in Gothenberg, Sweden in July 1999. What an event and experience for everyone.