• Gymnasts must adhere to the Club Dress Code to maintain their safety and comfort whilst participating in classes, displays and competitons.

  • Please read all the sections below on training and competition uniforms and display attire.



We would love to see all the gymnasts in club uniform.  We have plenty of stock at the moment and working in the correct kit for gymnasts ensures that the gymnasts are safe when on apparatus.  Loose fitting tee shirts etc. can cause problems when working on apparatus.


DISPLAYS (Updated 2017)

Falcon Spartak gymnasts have particated in numerous displays over the years, the most frequent recurring event being the London Festival which is held in the autumn in Brentwood, Essex.

Gymnasts who are chosen for displays must be committed in following through the training before the event, parents should be aware that some events such as the festival, involve payment of entry fees and costumes are sometimes needed in place of leotards (depending on the theme). Costs for display costumes are carefully researched and kept to a minimum wherever possible. Parents will be given ample notice if club leotards are needed for displays to allow time for ordering. 

Gymnasts must wear training kit to and from displays and names on the back of clothing is discouraged on young and or vulnerable gymnasts as these events are usually very crowded and gymnast safety is always paramount.

Hair and make up arrangements will be finalised before the event, so please make sure you know what they are before travelling!

Event updates will be posted in the newsletter, on the Events webpage and on facebook.

Parents and family members are encouaged to come along and spectate, as always cheering is expected from you! The club has always received positive feedback following displays and the gymnasts thoroughly enjoy the experience.


COMPETITIONS (Updated 2017)

All gymnasts must wear club uniform and club leotards for  competitions. 

Boys uniform consists of black Milano leotard and black Milano shorts for competing. Training kit is allowed at Club competitions.

Girls must wear the Club leotard when competing at external competitions. They can wear the matching red velour shorts over their leotards if preferred, black shorts can only be worn within the club.

Longer hair must be tied back in a bun for competing, with longer fringes swept back from the eyes. The use of a bun net is advised and our leotard lady will happily advise on styling hair. Shoulder length hair that is too short for a bun should be styled in pigtails or plaits for safety and to stop children from having to brush their hair out of their faces whilst doinf routines.

All gymnasts must wear Club tracksuits and plain white trainer socks for marching into the arena, this is an official regulation.

Club tracksuit must be worn for march on.


Gymnasts must not have their name on the back of their competition kit! 

Spectators should make themselves aware of Competition etiquette, Brirish Gymnastics guidelines can be read here 

Lastly, parents and family members attending competitions to spectate must be prepared to clap, cheer and have a great time watching the fabulous performances our gymnasts work so hard to achieve!


TRAINING (2017 update)

Gymnasts can wear club training kit or leotards of their choice to classes, gymnasts should not be wearing everyday clothing to training, buckles and zips can cause injury to gymnasts and coaches and also damage the equipment. British Gymnastics regulations do not allow hoodies to be worn during training.

Long hair needs to be tied up for safety BEFORE warm up. 

Jewellery Policy: We abide by the rules set out by British Gymnastics body piercing and adornments policy which can be viewed here 

Training Kit

Our training kit has been chosen to ensure gymnast's comfort during activity and must be worn if a leotard is not worn, girls and boys are encouraged to wear  leotards.

Club kit is mostly unisex and gymnasts are expected to wear a club T-Shirt and either shorts, leggings or joggers. Club sweatshirts are also available and can be worn whilst training, as previously stated, hoodies are not allowed whilst participating in gymnastics and are not provided as part of the kit with the exception of the Squad who travel regularly. 

There is a wide selction of kit and accessories available and order forms are kept within the gym (payment needed at time of order). Training kit can also be purchased online here and orders will be processed once a month, so please allow plenty of time to order for birthday presents!