The girls maintained their presence in the Disabilities National Artistic Squad through until 2001.

As part of the Gymnastics and Movement for People with Disabilities programme there is the possibility of taking part in rhythmic gymnastics. In 1973 when the club was formed its aim was men's artistic, nobody at that time could have foreseen anyone taking part in rhythmic gymnastics or sports acrobatics, in 2001 five gymnasts won places in the Disabilities National Rhythmic Squad, what an achievement for the gymnasts and the coaches.

Over the last 10 years the direction of the club has changed, whilst still coaching men's artistic club it has open its doors to general gymnastics, pre-school, girls and special needs (disabilities as it is now called). The coaches have stayed with the club through these changes and are now extremely knowledgeable.

In 2001 the training is more demanding, the emphasis of the Government on sport has changed once again, the costs of running the club have increased but the club manages to survive. There is a wonderful atmosphere in the gym and this is why people will fight to see the club survive every hurdle that is put in front of it. 2001 saw gymnasts entered for trials in Women's Artistic, Men's Artistic and Rhythmic squads as well as the Disabilities Display Team (with a view to the 2003 Gymnaestrada in Portugal). A newNDP for the GMPD gymnasts sets new far reaching challenges for 2002 onwards another new and exciting era for gymnasts, parents and coaches.

The new style GMPD NDP competition was held in March 2002 and in total there were just 99 entries. A sad reflection of past entries for this competition.

At Rhythmic National Squad Assessment Mandy Pullen was ranked No 1 for Disabilities, Hannah Gibson 4th, Hannah Westerman 5th and Samantha Mercer 8th, Sarah Dugdale was reserve. After several training sessions Sarah Dugdale was invited to become a full member of the squad.

Trials were held for the National GMPD Disabilities Display Team and 9 gymnasts were successful in obtaining places, Kim Hardy, Sarah Dugdale, Samantha Mercer, Hannah Gibson, Hannah Westerman, Mandy Pullen, Emma Kent, Laura-Jane Mitchel, Annie Parsons. In December 2002 due one male gymnast being unable to continue Steven Petrie was also offered a place in the team. The team took part in the Scottish Gymfest in April 2003 and in the Gymnaestrada in Portugal.

2002 saw the First International Symposium of Disability Gymnastics held in Belfast in November. The Symposium ran for 2 days and was followed by the 1st International Disabilities Gymnastics Competition and the British Championships. Three gymnasts from the Club, Mandy Pullen, Hannah Gibson and Hannah Westerman were selected for the Great Britain Rhythmic team and won the gold medal.

In the British Championships 2002, Mandy Pullen became British Open Champion, Class 1 (Learning Disability), Hannah Westerman British Open Champion, Class 2 (Physical/Sensory), Hannah Gibson was runner up in Cass 1. Samantha Mercer won the All Round U16 Class and took the gold medals on Ribbon, Rope, Ball and Hoop.

2002 saw the start of building work on the news Sports Hall at Hurstmere School, it has only taken 29 years to get this venture off the ground!

The Club moved into 2003 watching and waiting for news of the new Sports Hall and eventually in July were able to move. The gym really was huge and everyone looked lost.

February saw selection for the National GMPD Rhythmic Squad, this year's placings were Mandy Pullen, ranked no 1, Hannah Westerman ranked no 2, Samantha Mercer ranked no 4 and Sarah Dugdale ranked no 9. How these gymnasts have worked to achieve these rankings.

July also saw eleven gymnasts taking part in the 12th World Gymnaestrada in Portugal, what a wonderful week. Being involved in the vast family of gymnastics displays was a marvellous feeling and left everyone speechless. Items to note were the Japanese National Evening and the FIG Gala.

In August a closed competition was held to select the rhythmic gymnasts for the Great Britain entering the 2nd International GMPD Gymnastics competition being held in Belfast, Northern Ireland 1st November 2003. Samantha Mercer, Mandy Pullen and Hannah Westerman from the club were 3 gymnasts selected for the team of 5.