It is our aim as a gymnastics club is to: 
  • Create a safe environment
  • Give all gymnasts attending the club a fulfilling and enjoyable gymnastic experience
  • Strive to provide the opportunity for members to achieve their gymnastic potential and feel good about themselves


Our strategies for achieving the above is to:

  • Improve the physical well being, posture, co-ordination, concentration and confidence of participants
  • Implement all relevant health and safety and child protection guidelines and policies
  • Give all participants (regardless of age and ability) a gymnastic experience that is stimulating, challenging, fulfilling, safe and fun
  • Provide appropriate opportunities (facility and coaching) for the gymnast to fulfil his/her gymnastic potential
  • Where appropriate, develop individualised training programmes that are specific to the level of ability, potential and commitment of the gymnast


Overall: We want coaches, gymnasts and everyone associated with the club to feel a sense of satisfaction and pride derived from being part of successful and caring gymnastics club.


What to do if you have a concern:

  • If your concern is regarding your child’s training or gymnastic progress it is best to speak to your child’s coach in the first instance. If you are not comfortable doing this you can, of course, speak to one of the welfare team and they will pass on your concerns.
  • If your concern is regarding a specific incident please make a note of the date and time it occurred and report it as soon as possible. Please also make a note of the key facts relating to the incident and speak to a member of the welfare team as soon as possible.
  • If you have a general concern please make a note of the main points of your concern and report them either to the welfare officer or to the manager.
  • If you are not sure about whether to report a concern or not we advise that you speak in confidence to one of our welfare officers as they will give you advice about what to do next. Please remember it is important that the club is aware of your concerns even if you are unsure about them.


NB All FSGC volunteers are bound by their code of conduct to treat all reports with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Ways of making contact:

  • You can raise your concerns in person by dropping into the gym or arranging a meeting.
  • You can phone if you are not comfortable discussing the issue in person.
  • You can write a letter highlighting your concerns either to the head coach or one of the welfare officers.
  • If you so wish you can send a letter anonymously highlighting your concerns – however, please be aware that it is sometimes more difficult to address the problem if we cannot contact the person who has reported it.


Please remember that these guidelines are for children as well as parents. It doesn’t matter who makes the report, or how old they are, everyone’s concerns are equally important and will be taken seriously.

You can view British Gymnastics’s Welfare policies by clicking here.