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Falcon Spartak says a huge THANK YOU for all generous donations so far! this helps ensure we have all our gymnasts representing the club at the Special Olympics in August this year.  Our club is completely self-funded and relies entirely on volunteer coaches and kind donations to help all our gymnasts now and into the future!  Thank you so much especially to local businesses such as Waitrose who supported the club with chocolate, squash and biscuits for the fun day and Blackheath Golf Club for their very generous donation.  Breakdown of donations so far and how this money will help!  If you would like to continue this fantastic fundraising effort, please follow the link above.

Donations so far:




Easter Egg Raffle


Leotard sale


Family Fun Day (50% split of money raised)


Local Business






And what it will be used for:


Entry for 11 Gymnasts


Kit - male gymnasts


Kit - female gymnasts


Entry for 11 Coaches/Carers


Kit - Coaches/Carers