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TRAINING (2017 update)

Gymnasts can wear club training kit or leotards of their choice to classes, gymnasts should not be wearing everyday clothing to training, buckles and zips can cause injury to gymnasts and coaches and also damage the equipment. British Gymnastics regulations do not allow hoodies to be worn during training.

Long hair needs to be tied up for safety BEFORE warm up. 

Jewellery Policy: We abide by the rules set out by British Gymnastics body piercing and adornments policy which can be viewed here 

Training Kit

Our training kit has been chosen to ensure gymnast's comfort during activity and must be worn if a leotard is not worn, girls and boys are encouraged to wear  leotards.

Club kit is mostly unisex and gymnasts are expected to wear a club T-Shirt and either shorts, leggings or joggers. Club sweatshirts are also available and can be worn whilst training, as previously stated, hoodies are not allowed whilst participating in gymnastics and are not provided as part of the kit with the exception of the Squad who travel regularly. 

There is a wide selction of kit and accessories available and order forms are kept within the gym (payment needed at time of order). Training kit can also be purchased online here and orders will be processed once a month, so please allow plenty of time to order for birthday presents!