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DISPLAYS (Updated 2017)

Falcon Spartak gymnasts have particated in numerous displays over the years, the most frequent recurring event being the London Festival which is held in the autumn in Brentwood, Essex.

Gymnasts who are chosen for displays must be committed in following through the training before the event, parents should be aware that some events such as the festival, involve payment of entry fees and costumes are sometimes needed in place of leotards (depending on the theme). Costs for display costumes are carefully researched and kept to a minimum wherever possible. Parents will be given ample notice if club leotards are needed for displays to allow time for ordering. 

Gymnasts must wear training kit to and from displays and names on the back of clothing is discouraged on young and or vulnerable gymnasts as these events are usually very crowded and gymnast safety is always paramount.

Hair and make up arrangements will be finalised before the event, so please make sure you know what they are before travelling!

Event updates will be posted in the newsletter, on the Events webpage and on facebook.

Parents and family members are encouaged to come along and spectate, as always cheering is expected from you! The club has always received positive feedback following displays and the gymnasts thoroughly enjoy the experience.