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COMPETITIONS (Updated 2017)

All gymnasts must wear club uniform and club leotards for  competitions. 

Boys uniform consists of black Milano leotard and black Milano shorts for competing. Training kit is allowed at Club competitions.

Girls must wear the Club leotard when competing at external competitions. They can wear the matching red velour shorts over their leotards if preferred, black shorts can only be worn within the club.

Longer hair must be tied back in a bun for competing, with longer fringes swept back from the eyes. The use of a bun net is advised and our leotard lady will happily advise on styling hair. Shoulder length hair that is too short for a bun should be styled in pigtails or plaits for safety and to stop children from having to brush their hair out of their faces whilst doinf routines.

All gymnasts must wear Club tracksuits and plain white trainer socks for marching into the arena, this is an official regulation.

Club tracksuit must be worn for march on.


Gymnasts must not have their name on the back of their competition kit! 

Spectators should make themselves aware of Competition etiquette, Brirish Gymnastics guidelines can be read here 

Lastly, parents and family members attending competitions to spectate must be prepared to clap, cheer and have a great time watching the fabulous performances our gymnasts work so hard to achieve!